OPP+ (the plus side of living at One Park Place)

3 OPP Residents Return Home Testimonials

February 26th 2019

Here at One Park Place (OPP), we take pride in every part of our community. We pride ourselves on our walkable downtown Houston location, exceptional customer service, quick response to service orders, the relationships we build with our residents and neighbors and most definitely the upkeep, look and overall quality of our Houston high rise building.

We love referrals from our residents, but perhaps the highest praise is the residents who leave OPP for one reason or another and return home. Whether it’s the location, the service or the ease that comes with living at OPP, they decided this was their ideal Houston home.

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5 Things in Downtown Houston to Do with Family Over the Holidays

November 9th 2018

We love that Houston is always bustling with fun things to see and do and the holidays are certainly no exception. Downtown Houston is pretty festive and lit-up with neon lights year-round, but something about the holidays and bonding time with family and friends makes the city streets buzz with a little extra excitement.

One of the advantages of living at One Park Place (OPP) is it’s the only Houston high rise that is in close proximity to so much in the downtown area. One Park Place is the perfect meeting place for friends and family before heading out to a few of your favorite family-friendly holiday activities.

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One Park Place: Exclusive Luxury Perks for Residents

October 14th 2018

Residents at One Park Place (OPP) already know the luxury and lifestyle here is second to none. One Park Place is the Houston high rise taking amenities to new heights, delivering some of the most exclusive perks.

If you live here (or have visited), you know our Houston luxury apartments operate more like a five-star hotel with the amenities and luxuries to match. Our entire team is dedicated to giving you (and your friends and family) exemplary service every day – whether that means setting up particular conveniences on-site, being your personal party planner, arranging appointments and reservations, or offering exclusive discounts nearby – we’re here to make luxury high rise living in Houston more than you ever dreamed.

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