Sharing Our Favorite Coffee Shops In Downtown Houston

Date: May 12th, 2019

“Today’s good mood is sponsored by coffee.” – unknown

If you’re like us, coffee is the only way to start a busy day, so we’ve put together a list of our favorite coffee shops around downtown Houston. We love that our luxury Houston high rise keeps us close to so much of downtown Houston’s hottest spots – and that extra jolt of energy from these coffee shops definitely helps. So whether you need coffee before you head to our on-site Fitness Center for a strong workout or want to fuel up before eading across the street to all the upcoming events at Discovery Green, we’ve put together this high-energy list for you.

Here are a few of our staff’s favorite downtown Houston coffee shops (along with tips on what to order!):

Meridith loves Brasserie du Parc, which is conveniently located only a few steps from OPP. She loves their vanilla latte paired with the delectable Gateau de Crepes. Did you know residents get 15% off at this local gem, plus they offer room service to residents with no delivery charge? Talk about a high rise perk that has us buzzing.

Andi says her favorite coffee shop downtown is Boomtown Coffee. “Their vanilla lattes are the best!” There is a downtown Houston location close to OPP, and also a second location in the Houston Heights, so you know this is a popular spot.

Alex is a big fan of the double espresso at MKT BAR, which is also incredibly convenient for OPP residents, through the private Phoenica entrance exclusively for residents.

Chári’s go-to spot for coffee is Caffé Di Firenze, where she says they make the best Caramel Macchiatos. This is considered a high-end Italian coffee shop and here’s how they describe her favorite drink: “The caramel macchiato is a layered latte in the most decadent sense. Hovering beneath a rich drizzle of caramel and a light cap of foam, the espresso is present in the very first sip, followed by velvety steamed milk, and a hint of vanilla.”

Jennifer frequents the Starbucks inside the Hilton, which happens to be the largest Starbucks in the entire state of Texas (or at least was in 2016, when this Houstonia Magazine article was written). This particular Starbucks is one of the rare ones offering Starbucks Evenings, which offers wine, craft beer and appetizers (like cheese plates) after 4p. So whether you’re going to grab coffee like Jennifer or an afternoon beer with friends, this 4,000-square-foot Starbucks is within walking distance of our Houston luxurious high rise.

If you don’t want to leave the comfort of our Houston luxury apartments, we offer fresh complimentary coffee in the 8th Floor Resident Lounge, along with lattes and cappuccinos too. Take a book or your laptop and sip your coffee overlooking our pool or sitting on the expanded balcony that overlooks downtown Houston, or of course take it back to your apartment and enjoy.

Other downtown Houston coffee spots:

Louie Coffee is one of the newest Houston coffee shops, conveniently located inside GreenStreet in front of The Lawn. Parking can be tricky here, but residents of OPP have the benefit of being able to walk there each morning. If your morning routine calls for breakfast, don’t miss out on their breakfast tacos.

Located in EaDo (East Downtown), is Tout Suite. This favorite spot is adorable and comes with a huge menu, including an impressive selection of macarons, which are well worth the visit alone. Stop by and enjoy an early morning coffee, or for a business meeting, and grab a snack to satisfy your sweet cravings.

You can also check out some of Houston’s great downtown coffee spots on Yelp for more suggestions.

Our Houston luxury apartments offer so many exclusive amenities for residents, along with all of the above activity right outside our front door. If you’re looking to move into Houston’s most luxurious high rise, visit us today at 1400 McKinney Street for a private tour or call one of our expert leasing agents at 713.868.5933.