9 Tips and Ideas For Decorating and Updating Your Houston Luxury Apartments

Date: August 20th, 2020

One thing we know for sure is our residents know how to decorate, and they have plenty of room to do it. We love seeing all the creative décor and beautiful ideas each of our residents comes up with to showcase their own personality inside their Houston luxury apartments. It’s always so beautiful to see the different styles and themes.

With the recent pandemic and more people spending more time at home, some of the biggest Google and Pinterest searches have been topics on how to update your apartment on a budget or finding some easy décor ideas.

Here are 9 of our favorite tips and hacks for updating your apartment this weekend:

  1. 1. Adding plants on your balcony or inside your home is a quick and easy way to make a big change. You can easily add a beautiful planter to your expansive balcony overlooking downtown Houston or just sprinkle in a little greenery around your apartment. We loved seeing all of your succulent designs and where you placed them around your Houston high rise, it was such a fun project!

  2. 2. We love our hardwood floors, which gives our Houston luxury apartments another layer of beauty. Have you tried adding rugs to spruce up your apartment? Get creative when it comes to rugs; consider the trend of overlapping them. You simply stack or layer a larger rug for the base using a solid color or small pattern, then add a smaller size on top for a unique look. You can even take some photos and send to your friends to get their opinion or your interior designer. Speaking of your friends, don’t forget you can get free money by referring friends and family to One Park Place. All you have to do is tell them how much you love living at OPP and when they come in for a tour ask them to write your name on their application. If they decide to lease here, you’ll get a referral bonus - it’s that easy!

  3. 3. Add some art, and then add more. Art in your home may seem like a no-brainer, but with the expansive floor plans at our Houston luxury apartments, you have so much free space and wall space you can fill up with your favorite art. Look for other places to add art – it could be a beautiful piece of framed artwork in your closet or bathroom, just to add a little extra flair.

  4. 4. Speaking of a lot of space, our expansive floor plans allow for all your favorite pieces, including grand pianos, huge dining room tables, and more, which are not only a beautiful pieces of artwork, but adds an even grander level to your home.

  5. 5. Most of us don’t love cleaning, but consider doing some major cleaning and decluttering in your apartment home to make a huge difference. You’ll love all the natural light that comes in through your large apartment windows, so keep them clean, draw up the roller shades and let that light shine. Cleaning out your closet will also give you that extra wall space to hang up some necklaces or hang up a painting in there. With all of our unique and beautiful floor plans, you have so many options, so get creative and show your style.

  6. 6. Everything doesn’t need to be hidden or put in storage. What do you have that could double as décor? Beautiful jewelry or handbags laid out in cases in your closet? Do you have a bunch of beautiful colorful throws that you could easily place in a basket in your living room for double functionality? A current favorite design trend seems to be cutting boards. This is a great hack as they are a functional kitchen item, but if you have a beautiful cutting board, there’s no need to hide it away in a cabinet. Find a beautiful space on your kitchen counter and use it as needed.

  7. 7. If you live at our Houston downtown apartments, your balcony is definitely big enough to decorate, we promise. Get creative with decorating out there and go beyond a comfortable chair and your new succulents. Add an outdoor rug and some outdoor throw pillows and make it a comfortable and beautiful setup to enjoy the Houston sunrise or sunset (cocktails in hand totally optional). This is one thing our residents rave about and we love seeing them tag us in their balcony photos.

  8. 8. Get decorating with mirrors. Yes, plural! Mirrors are great for making spaces look bigger, and are one of the easiest ways to add dimension and open up your space.

  9. 9. Floating shelves are another great way to change up the look of your Houston downtown apartments without looking too bulky. Keep the décor on them minimal, but consider a faux green plant, a few of your favorite pictures in beautiful frames and maybe some good books and voila – not only is that a great way to store those things without clutter, it’s a new piece of décor inside your beautiful apartment home.

We invite you to visit our Houston luxury apartments across from Discovery Green or call one of our friendly leasing agents at 713.868.5933. You can also check out our downtown Houston apartment blog for more fun things to see and do around Houston, and check out our exclusive high rise perks for residents.