3 OPP Residents Return Home Testimonials

Date: February 26th 2019

Here at One Park Place (OPP), we take pride in every part of our community. We pride ourselves on our walkable downtown Houston location, exceptional customer service, quick response to service orders, the relationships we build with our residents and neighbors and most definitely the upkeep, look and overall quality of our Houston high rise building.

We love referrals from our residents, but perhaps the highest praise is the residents who leave OPP for one reason or another and return home. Whether it’s the location, the service or the ease that comes with living at OPP, they decided this was their ideal Houston home.

Over the span of a decade, we’ve had more than 55 residents that have left our community – usually because of a new job or family situation -- but they all returned back to OPP for various reasons. Rather than hear from us, here are three families sharing their words on what makes OPP home and why they chose to move back to Houston’s best high rise!

Bryan & Julie Kelley

After living in the suburbs for a little over three years, I decided I had enough. Our house was way too big for our family of four at 3,000 sq ft. The time and cost for maintenance was ridiculous, we were in debt up to our eyeballs, my husband had a two-hour round-trip commute, and to top it off, there were hardly any amenities! So we decided to simplify. We sold our house and about half of our stuff and moved back to the city. We knew we wanted to rent and knew we wanted to be downtown, close to where my husband works. We looked at some newer buildings in the area but none held a candle to One Park Place. Sure, they may be newer with the latest and greatest, but they don’t have Curtis at the concierge desk, waiting to help you with anything you need. They may have a valet but they don’t have Nilson there to walk your son across the street when he mischievously tries to do it by himself. They may have a maintenance guy but they don’t have Carlos, who will come and fix your AC on Mother’s Day! They may have had a dog wash area, but they don’t have Discovery Green footsteps away. I could go on and on.

We moved back to OPP in March of 2018. We rent the Boxwood apartment, which is the perfect amount of space. My husband walks to work and comes home for lunch. We homeschool my 5-year-old and since we live in the heart of the city, we visit museums, the zoo and different parks/libraries every week. The summer is like a vacation everyday being able to hop on the elevator and ride a few levels down to the amazing pool. Living at OPP has allowed us to spend more time enjoying life as a family, allowed us to focus on what is important, while living in a luxurious place with people who really do care.

Rickey and Joanie Felts

One Park Place is home to us. We left OPP having built our retirement home and realized quickly we made a mistake. Seeing the management team at OPP made us confident with the sale of our home in four days knowing we had an apartment waiting for us. From the valet to the front desk to the maintenance team there was no question for us but to return to OPP.

Rick and Kathy

We moved out of OPP into one of our homes in 2017, only to return 11 months later. We could not get the OPP feeling of being in the ACTION, that neighborhood feeling, the fact we had to drive everywhere, not good! We found ourselves walking to the ballpark, restaurants, theaters, Discovery Green, George Brown and all of Houston’s five-star hotels just blocks away from OPP.

One Park Place is a FIVE STAR apartment building in the heart of downtown Houston with all of the FIVE STAR AMENITIES, incredible resort-style pool, amazing gym, 24-hour coffee shop, movie room, great resident room for our family, BIG conference room great for business meetings, a GOURMET grocery store on the first floor that’s off the charts (I call it my pantry!). Everything is walking distance, and you get that neighborhood feeling every-time we walk out the doors. Last but least the OPP team from the management to the concierge, and their crew and maintenance staff all make you feel at home every time you walk through the doors.

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